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The Perfect Choice For Your Sherline or Taig Three or Four Axis CNC Retrofit


    The XS-3525/8S-4 Stepper Motor Driver Board (Ver 4.00) $175.00

    The Perfect Choice For Your Sherline or Taig Four Axis CNC Retrofit

  • Four axis bipolar drive
  • 2.5 Amp/Phase PWM controlled drives
  • up to 35 Volt (w/BEMF)
  • FULL, HALF, QUARTER, & EIGHTH step/Full Step
  • Built-in DC-DC Converter for 5 Volt Logic
  • Filtered and Buffered STEP & DIR Signals
  • Built-in Break-out:Screw Terminals for Unused Parallel Port I/O
  • Synchronous Rectification
  • Internal UVLO and Thermal Shutdown circuitry
  • Easy connect for most popular Step/Direction control software
  • Small Size: 5.65" X 2.85"
  • Use with Mach2 (WinXP or Win2K) or TurboCNC (DOS)

    This is a Four axis micro-stepping bi-polar PWM current regulated stepper motor driver. It can be configured to deliver up to 2.5 Amps/phase up to a maximum of 35 Volts (including BEMF)

    Each axis is independently jumper selectable to operate in either FULL, HALF, QUARTER or EIGHTH step modes. For a typical 1.8 (200 spr) stepper motor, this means up to 1,600 steps per revolution (16,000 steps per inch if driving a 10 tpi lead screw). The drive is shipped in 1/8th step mode. Additional jumpers required if lower resolution wanted. Use this board for a 4 axis system, or a 3 axis system where you may want to add a fourth later (it is OK to just have three motors hooked up).

    Each axis has a potentiometer to allow maximum motor current drive adjustment.


    The on-board IDC header accepts standard 26 pin IDC connectors for easy connection to IDC DB25 male connectors which can be directly connected to a PC's parallel port to drive the boards STEP and DIRECTION input signals. Other unused parallel port pin signals are routed to screw terminals for possible off-board use. (DB25 pin use -- (2) Step X (3) Dir X (4) Step Y (5) Dir Y (6) Step Z (7) Dir Z, (8) Step A, (9) Dir A (18-25) GND)

    Each axis has an ENA# pin to allow enabling/disabling of the motor current-drivers.

    PLEASE NOTE: Althought the driver board does provide unmodified/unbuffered access to the unused parallel I/O through screw terminals, the board plays no other role in handling of home/limit switches, E-STOP, or Spindle/Coolant relay control, etc. If you want a break-out board, look here:breakout boards under hardware

    Please Read the DATASHEET for more information!:http://www.xylotex.com/XS3525V400.pdf

    These drive boards are Fully Assembled and Tested.

    If you have more questions regarding using the board with your application: Contact Xylotex
    Before using the device, the potentiometers must be set for proper current output, which requires the use of your voltage/multimeter! When running at High Current (generally 2.0A/phase or above), convective cooling (fan) required.

    You get: XS-3525/8S-4 & theIDC26-DB25 cable(IDC26-DB25 Cable is NOT a Parallel port Extension cable, it connects the board to one though)

    Shipping is $7.00 single board only to Continetal US via USPS Priority Mail (2-3 Day Service) (each additional board $2.00)

    How To Buy The Board(by itself)

    Paypal Ordering is for USA Orders Only

  • Paypal Ordering (4 Axis Drive no accessories)
  • Paypal Ordering(4 Axis Drive with Four 269 oz.in. DS/DS Stepper Motors)
  • Paypal Ordering(4 Axis Drive with 24VDC Power Supply and Fan)
  • Paypal Ordering(4 Axis Drive with Four 269 oz.in. DS/DS Stepper Motors and 24VDC Power Supply and Fan)
  • The stepper motor drive is also sometimes known as a stepper motor controller. Drive is more appropriate, as a PC is generally used to control the board.

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