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New:CncPlayer now with motor output for Windows XP. Please read here where to get the driver. You need this driver in order to enable the motor output for Windows XP!

1. Latest CncPlayer software for your Microsoft Windows PC

Latest CncPlayer: 1.657.741 byte

This is a Test Release with Z and C axes disabled. You can only use the X and Y axes. Please remember this.

The CncPlayer is a software written entirely in English. Therefore the CncPlayer is not suited for user who lack English skills and can't handle English software properly. Fortunately, the program's menu is available in other languages as well. But finally, the menu just represents a small part of the whole program. The biggest part still remains in English. Many thanks to the authors for the translation and for the permission to provide the files for free download here. If interested, load the proper *.lng language file. In case of download problems click the link with your right mouse button and select Save target as... from the popup menu

Menu in A..Z order


*.lng language file

*.src source file

Czech (cz)


cpmenucz.lng 3.174 byte

cpmenucz.src 6.605 byte

French (fr)


cpmenufr.lng 3.335 byte

cpmenufr.src 6.766 byte

German (de)


cpmenude.lng 3.229 byte

cpmenude.src 6.660 byte

Hungarian (hu)


cpmenuhu.lng 3.226 byte

cpmenuhu.src 6.714 byte

Italian (it)


cpmenuit.lng 3.321 byte

cpmenuit.src 6.883 byte

Polish (pl)


cpmenupl.lng 3.160 byte

cpmenupl.src 6.499 byte

Portuguese / Brazil (br)


cpmenubr.lng 3.325 byte

cpmenubr.src 6.718 byte

After download rename cpmenuxx.lng (xx = fr, de, it ...) to cpmenu.lng and copy it to the folder were CP.EXE is. Start CP.EXE (again) and your menu will be in French, German, Italian ...

All you need is the *.lng file (lng = Language). The *.src file (src = Source) is only needed if you want to make changes and modifications to an existing *.lng file. Usually you do not want to do this. See CPLOC.EXE (it is in the file) if interested in making menus.

2. Latest software for your DOS PC

Latest CPC: cpc9632.exe 53.248 byte Rename to cpc.exe after download!

This is a Test Release with Z and C axes disabled. You can only use the X and Y axes. Please remember this.

In case of download problems right click and from the popup menu chose Save Target As...
Disk image for COM 1: 1cpc9621.dsk 1.474.560 byte
Disk image for COM 2: 2cpc9621.dsk 1.474.560 byte

A special disk image copy program: rawrite.exe 14.305 byte

Caution: CPC.EXE on the disk images is (probably) NOT the latest one! So simply delete CPC.EXE from floppy disk (after you have created the floppy disk), download the latest CPC.EXE from here and copy it to floppy disk. That's it. You need the latest CPC.EXE on floppy disk otherwise it will NOT work with the latest CncPlayer!

Always use the latest CncPlayer + the latest CPC which can be downloaded here. Other combinations will not work!

CNC machines are potentially dangerous. Untrained people must not operate the CNC machine. CNC machines are not toys. Keep kids away. Never let the machine run unattended. Always wear safety goggles. Unexpected machine movement can occur at any time. You are responsible for the safety of yourself and others. You are working at your own risk.

3. Utilities for your DOS PC

Test the input lines of your PC's printer port with lpt_test.exe 7.136 byte. Limit- and end switches are usually connected to these input lines. The software shows you in real time the input states (low / high) of all three possible lpt ports a PC can have. Helps you to determine the port address of your lpt port.

Move 4 axes (no interpolation, no ramps) of your stepper motor cnc machine with test.exe 5.152 byte. Source (docu is in the source) is here: test.pas 4.015 byte. In case of download problems right click and from the popup menu chose Save Target As...

This tiny software is very simple and that makes it great for error tracking (mystique backlash, lost steps, lpt port errors, malicious motor electronic, driver problems and such) in a cnc environment at low level. Remember that less is often more. A minimalistic system eliminates a lot of potential errors by definition. Have a look to the commented source to see how easily motor steps are generated by software.

More information about CNC Player
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